Monday, February 16, 2004

Paus de Duex

At times, it seems like Season Three of Criminal Intent has lost some of its sparkle. Maybe it has something to do with the subtle lack of enthusiasm Vincent seems to have for the series this year. Considering what he has been going through, perhaps it is understandable. I never was one to serious think he would fulfill the entire five-year commitment that he made to the series--a commitment made for the most part for the sake of his marriage.

Since that incentive has apparently gone by the wayside, I have to wonder if the sacrifice will be worth him sticking out another two years in a role that seems to have gone stagnant for him, when I know he would much rather be exploring new films and new characters. He gambled on Criminal Intent and it is debatable whether he won or lost in the wager. He has gained a certain celebrity but that was something he never sought and the loss of privacy that resulted has been acute.

Still, this episode seemed to capture a bit of the old magic. Eames had some great one-liners and Goren was his old blustery self.

The scene where Goren was asking the man to show him how he danced with the woman *had* to conjure up memories of the scene in Naked Tango where Cholo asked the judge something similar.