Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today in history (from Wikipedia):

1938 - The radio drama The War of the Worlds frightened many listeners in the United States into believing that an actual Martian invasion was in progress.

It was overcast and 38 degrees this morning. Even though we are back to Standard Time, it was dark for an hour after I got to work.

Just how I want to spend my birthday--getting up at four-thirty in the morning and going to work. Oh well--one more year is our mantra now.

I had a couple calls from Denny--once early at work to wish me a happy birthday, and another when I got home. I had felt like taking a nap as soon as I hit the door. Something about the warmth of the car as I drive up Baycrest Hill always saps my energy. But my sense of duty kept me up long enough to start doing some of my "cat chores" and then Denny called and we talked for twenty minutes or so. Two more days until he is home. After I got off the phone, I completed medicating the cats and loaded the wood stove and by then I was awake enough to go ahead and clean the cat boxes before going upstairs to chill out for the rest of the evening watching television.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Black Bart


Today is Bart's Gotcha Day: the anniversary of the day he came into the house to live with us.

Read about it in last year's journal entry.

Bart continues to amaze. He is just such a nice cat that it is hard to believe that this is the same cat who hissed and lunged at me when we had him caged in 2003, the shy "feral" who would skulk for cover if he even thought we were looking at him. A year ago, I assumed he had been born in the woods and grown up feral. Now, evidence suggests that he was once accustomed to a house and living with people. How he lost that life and came to live the fearful, desperate life of a stray is something I will never know. Nor will I know why it was that he decided--at the end of the summer of last year--to make his hestitant approach to us that ended with him becoming one of the housecats.

I just know he is a marvel and a mystery, this sturdy, sleek black cat that nibbles my toes and weaves between my ankles when I go for coffee in the morning, who comes when he's called and purrs with pure abandoned when we caress him.

I am so glad he decided to take the first tentative steps in trusting us.