Monday, December 28, 2015

Arizona--Interior Views

For a tour of the inside of our trailer, I'll start at the back.  Like most trailers, the master bedroom is tucked in the back at the end of a hall.  And like most trailers, there isn't much room in the bedroom once you put a bed in there.  Denny was saying we should get bunk beds.  I'm thinking he has the right idea--we need to go up.  Maybe not bunk beds at our age but our bookcases and chests of drawers could go up to the ceiling and maximize available space.  We definitely will need storage-type furniture.  Not having cabinets and drawers has contributed to the present clutter in our house.  We hope to embrace a lighter, cleaner life-style in Arizona.

Just down the hall from the bedroom is the washer and dryer.  They look adequate.  We plan to move these out to the Arizona room--where plumbing indicates they were once located--and put a half-bath in the space. 

Only one bathroom, but it looks up to the task.  It doesn't actually contain a bathtub, but a nice shower stall.  The vanity looks nice.

The second bedroom will function as an office.  Standard trailer wood paneling.

The smaller bedroom features a sleeper sofa in the standard Southwest pattern.  I imagine that the room fills up once the couch is deployed.  We may replace it with a futon.

 A view of the kitchen and dining area from the hallway.  The kitchen is a utilitarian white, which should feel cool, I hope.

Looking back at the dining area and kitchen from the entry.  Not a lot of room for entertaining, but then, we don't have any friends in Mesa, so it will work.  Any entertaining we do will probably be mostly outdoors.

The living room is tucked at the north end of the trailer and painted a cool blue. 

Another view in the living room.  We are discussing moving the couch to the opposite side of the room, taking the television and mounting it on the kitchen partition wall, and moving the chairs and table under it, where the couch sits now.

The place looks pretty good for sitting empty for a year.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Arizona - Our Next Home

About a month ago, when we first started our search for a place to live in Arizona, Denny saw the ad for this trailer on Craig's List and decided it was just what we needed.  Now, a month later, we own it.

I resisted at first.  I mean, who expects to find the perfect house right off the bat? But it seems like we were meant to own this place, because things came together with startling speed and now it is ours.  

The trailer is inexpensive and large enough for our needs, but the real attraction was the lot it is located on.  Tucked in the back corner on a dead end street, the location promises quiet and privacy.

The place has been vacant for about a year.  This view of the west-side carport shows the orange trees along side.  The neighbor was kind enough to keep them watered for this past year, and the trees are appreciative of the attention.  Who would have thought I'd have orange trees in my yard?

This view from the back not only shows the citrus trees but palm trees.  Yep, we have two palm trees in our yard.  You don't know how that blows my little Alaskan mind...

A straight-on view of the back of the trailer shows the two storage sheds that flank the trailer and the small patio (behind the masonry wall) tucked between them.  The yard backs against a fence, so we have a lot of privacy on the south and east sides of the trailer.

The east-side yard skirts the "Arizona room"--which in this case is a unheated multi-purpose area that gives us some extra space.  We plan on moving the laundry area to one corner of the room to free up space inside the trailer.

A wash runs across the back corner of the lot, boosting the vegetation with occasional run-off in this water-hungry land.  I always thought living next to a creek would be cool, and this is the desert version of that concept.  It adds interest to the yard--as long as it doesn't get too interesting.

The east-side yard, with bird-feeders, palm trees (!), and auxiliary parking.  Denny cleaned it up nicely  I have grown to appreciate the aesthetic of southwestern landscaping.  It's a different mind-set from what I grew up with, but every place has its own beauty.

This view from the side yard shows the east side of the trailer north and main entrance.

The shaded patio on the east side of the trailer.  We could move a table out there and drink coffee in the morning.  This area would be easy to enclose to create a safe place for the cats, too.

The street where will we live.  Living in an Arizona trailer park seems like such a cliche, but I think we will like it here.  A lot.  Can't wait for it all to begin.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What They Want For Christmas

Nope.  Sorry, Sammy and George, but it's not happening.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Arizona Dreaming

It's been a month and I still haven't unpacked from Arizona.

The winter is beautiful here--frost-coated twigs against the dark foliage of the spruce, the subtle colors of sky and snow and cloud in the glancing light of the southernly sun--but in my heart, I am ready to go to Arizona.

It is as if once I realized that I didn't actually have to live here until I DIE to be a "real" Alaskan, I was free to let go and give in to the inevitable.  I'm not sure right now if it is really that important to me to "be" an Alaskan.  There's that certain cachet that we all love (and won't admit it) but aside from that, what is there to keep me here but my tie to the land.  And the land will be there even if I am not.  It will be mine for as long as I want it.  I can even come back here to die in my old age if I want.

But right now, it seems that moving to Arizona has been inevitable and with my typical contrariness, I have been resisting.  I refused for many years to even visit my parents.  I must have known on some level that if I went there, I would never escape it.   And the first time I visited my parents, I knew.  I can't put it into words, but I knew. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

New Hometown...

I have a feeling the Superstition Mountains will become a familiar background for me.

Friday, November 27, 2015