Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gray Day

A warm, gray morning with soft rain falling.

The girls are happy to nap the day away on the foot of the bed. Looking at them, I understand those who say that their children are their treasures. I have no children but looking at these lovely and happy little souls, I know where my riches are.

A band of tropical moisture drifted across the Kenai Peninsula last night, spoiling any chance I had to view the lunar eclipse. Vicariously, I could only watch the clouds dim as the eclipse reached totality--peering into the warm , breezy darkness to catch any rift in the overcast, listening to the occasional spatter of rain on the alder leaves.

This morning the clover was vivid green in the subdued light.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wordless Summer

Yes, I realize that A Quiet Life has been too quiet these past few months.

I fill my blogs with photos and captions because words fail me this summer.

I realized about a month or so ago that this must be what depression feels like. I mean, I am normally--even in the worst of circumstances--able to find some kernel of joy deep inside but lately there is just sadness.

I don't like feeling like this. I hope being aware of what is going on will help me deal with it and get back to my even keel.

Oh, and I am not going to fill my blogs with blatherings about how down I feel and how crappy my life is because that just isn't me. And because no matter how sad and stressed I feel, I know that my life is not crappy. I know I am blessed.

It will just take me a while to re-cultivate that feeling at my core.

And in the meantime--there are pictures...