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Clarence has no idea how happy I am to see him.

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Southern Oregon - Altamont to Lakeview via Highway 140

April 19, 2014.  We had spent the night in Bend and passed the morning driving down US 97 to Klamath Falls.

At Klamath Falls, our route took us east on Highway 140, crossing a mini basin-and-range region that was just a geological fore-shadowing of the trip across Nevada we would make in a few days.

The roads were nearly empty once we left Klamath Falls behind us.  The surrounding farmlands were green with Spring but nowhere near as lush as the landscape we had passed through the previous morning on our drive from Chehalis to The Dalles.

Heading out from the Pine Grove area, eastbound.

The highway cut through several bands of low hills.  Hemmed in by rock, we were surprised to round one corner and find opposing traffic on the centerline.  I guess these little-travelled roads can lull one into complacency.  Denny's defensive-driving courses--oh-so-many years ago--saved us grief once again.

A few miles before we got to Beatty, Oregon, we passed this broken-down barn.  In April, the land seemed thirsty and bleak.

 We stopped for gas in Bly, Oregon.  This building was across the road from the gas station.

Our eastward leg came to its end at Lakeview, on the dessicated shores of Goose Lake.  This photo was taken just approaching Lakeview.  After lunch, we will turn right and follow US 395 south to California.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chehalis - Hotel Room

We are finally officially on the road.

At Chehalis, we checked into the Holiday Inn which wasn't only one of the largest inns in Chehalis, but also just down the street from where the folks we stopped to visit lived.

We would come to see that every room would offer the same basic amenities: TV, wi-fi, complementary coffee, and while some accomodations would be a bit sparser than others, we were pleased to find that adequate, comfortable rooms were available everywhere we went.

And honestly, we didn't spend much time in our room.

We had read a review of the inn on the internet that complained about the noise of the railroad traffic, and indeed the hotel was just a block from a set of rail tracks that seemed to carry all the railroad traiffic west of the Cascades through Chehalis.  If we were awake during the night, we could hear the moan of passing trains but it never woke us once we went to sleep.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014