Thursday, June 03, 2004


June already.

I trapped the little black shorthair (whom I had been thinking of as "Miss Hot Pants") last night. After talking with Denny, I decided we need to get her in to get spayed ASAP. Right now she's living in Toby John's cage, TJ is living in Sunny's cage, and Sunny has the first back room to herself--I've been putting the boys 'way in the back room. I was going to take Toby back to the Shelter, if only for a few days, but once I had him in the carrier, I just felt so bad I couldn't do that to him. So we will manage somehow.

This house needs more rooms for proper cat management.

Anyway, I was up by 8:30 so I could call the clinic and try to wheedle my way in for a spay. The earliest they could give me was Monday. So I said that would have to do. About two hours later I realized that I have to work Monday morning and there is no relief specialist, no overlap, so no way I can get off work for even a short time to drop the cat off at the clinic.

So, I talked with Dots again and she said they would work me in tomorrow. I have to be at work at one-thirty tomorrow, so I'll have to either leave the cat at the clinic over the weekend or pick her up on my way to work. Whatever. This just needs to be done.

I have six or seven six-packs of flowers that need to be in soil very, very soon. I try to grab an hour here or there to do potting but other chores intrude.

I also am watching Mike and Grace's cats while they are Outside on a family emergency. I spent some time yesterday cleaning up Asia's throw-ups and trying to figure out if he is ill or just being a cat. He seemed to be feeling okay--maybe he's just upset that everyone is gone. Rio is letting me pet him but I think it's just because he's too lazy to run and hide. Or maybe because Sissy has already appropriated the only good hiding spot in the house--inside the litter box.

Also, because of MH's sudden absence and CC's scheduled annual leave, I will be working ten-hour shifts next week, vice the usual eight-hour ones. But I still get to keep my days-off, which is good. There was no way I was going to work overtime on a day-off after working every flipping weekend all summer. And I tried to impress on CC that he needs to take his leave this week and not cancel it because MH had to leave town. He is entirely too flexible at times and gets taken advantage of, IMHO. The specialists at Kenai are always coming down to hang-out at Homer to get away from their supervisors learn how to work our local area, yet when we have a legitimate need for someone to step in and cover shifts, there is always some wanking bureaucratic excuse why it can't be done.

So what else is new...?

If I can keep my head above water for another two weeks, I get to go on leave myself. Just two weeks but a needed sanity break.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

One Year Old

We can now consider the Toe Wraiths to be a year old. The terrified, feral kittens have grown into two engaging little cats.

Lola is a busy little dynamo, seemingly never touching down as she bounces from chair to sill to screen door. Yet she will also come and climb into my lap when I am writing or reading, snuggling in with vibrant purring. She has grown from a dwarfish fuzzy kitten into a soft-coated, self-possessed, petite young cat.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Clarence. The homely, ungainly ugly duckling of the litter is growing day by day into an elegant flame-point Siamese. Seeing his terror of humans gradually turn into trust and affection has done my heart good.