Thursday, February 28, 2008

Punkin in the Entryway

Denny has taken advantage of his time at home--tending me and the cats--to do some finishing work around the house.

This week, he has been putting vinyl flooring in the entry way, replacing the old linoleum and bare plywood that have been there for over a decade.

The result is lovely--and as she demonstrates--the new floor is Punkin-colored.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hunger Moon

Eclipse Feb 20 2008

Of course, it was overcast this evening, so we didn't get a glimpse of the eclipse, which would have been at totality at moonrise, Alaskan time. I hear the folks up in Fairbanks got a chance to see it.

The photo is courtesy of my brother-in-law, Marty, who captured the moon over North Carolina earlier in the evening.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Back...


You ever notice how everything is connected to your abdomen? Makes it *really* hard to move around in bed--or even roll over.

Thank you all for thinking of me.

I am finally getting back on-line. Surgery went very well--I walked out of the hospital less than 24 hours after surgery. I kind of amazed myself with that one. My doctor was able to do everything laproscopically so I don't have a large abdominal incision. That makes it a lot easier and will probably cut my recovery time in half. Of course, it is still major surgery and I have to take it easy for a few weeks.

I have to say that every woman I have talked to who has had a hysterestomy (and there are a *lot* of them) is glad that she did it. Of course, to consider having major organs removed, you have to be in a lot of pain, but still--I was surprised. And I have to say, although I am very tender and having swelling and post-op pain, the cramping pain I was having along my left side from adhesions is gone and it feels good.

Denny is doing fantastic with taking care of the cats--and me. The day he brought me home from the Hospital, he also changed out our malfunctioning water heater. He has been keeping Frieda going pretty well, too. I really didn't think she was going to live out last week but she seems to be holding her own right now.

I go in next week to see my doctor but expect to be off work for a month or more. I took my bandages off yesterday and there is really nothing but three small incisions (and an interesting shave job--my doctor was ready to go in through the abdomen if necessary.)

Anyway--I'm subdued but I am back and feeling better every day.

Monday, February 04, 2008


I am going to be off-line for a little while. I go in tomorrow for a hysterectomy and my doctor warned me that it will probably have to be abdominal (vs. laproscopic.) Which means that I will be laid up for a spell.

Denny came home last night and will be on leave from work to be taking care of me (and the many fine cats.) He has been very supportive and will undoubtedly be nagging me constantly to take things easy and rest.

I'll check back in when I get the chance but it may be a week or so. Major surgery is scary but I know I will be feeling so much better once I get past this. February is a good month to lay around and recover.

Frankly, I have been so rushed and stressed-out this past week trying to get prepared to be down for weeks that I am looking forward to surrendering all responsibility and letting others do for me.

On top of the anticipation of surgery, I have been wavering over whether Frieda is going to last until I get home from the hospital or if I should let her go now and spare Denny that task on top of all the other burdens I am placing on him. He says she looks like she is holding her own right now and he says he can handle taking care of her so I will let him shoulder that responsibility.

Then, I got home from work yesterday and found the water heater was leaking. Just what we needed. But as luck would have it, Denny had found a water heater at the dump last summer, set off to the side with salvagable appliances and such, and brought it home. It tested out okay so we hauled it upstairs this afternoon--the last heavy lifting I will be able to help him with for a while.

Right now, I don't know if I will be in the hospital one night or three. It depends on the type of surgery that has to be done and that depends on how hard the stuff is to get out. I can't control any of that but I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in typically Alaskan fashion.

I sure hope I see you again...

Positive thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Back at the Bank...

I recalled that I had promised a few months back that I would post a picture of the bank at night after we got some snow. At the time, I was still excited by the prospect of shiny white lights in the night. They have become rather ho-hum after the holidays and all.

But I stopped last night and snapped a picture. So here is the Homer branch of Wells Fargo, all decked out in it's winter glory...